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yo my people !


know ive kept u all waiting but it's nearly time, im jumping on twitch tonight around 8pm gmt, we're gonna play games, give away some merch but most importantly make a big announcement ...


before that tho, i wanted to let u lot know personally i appreciate u riding with me, as an independent artist i wouldnt be able to do this without your support. last 5 years has been a mad journey and trust me its all down to you lot running up my music, coming out to shows and spreading the word


so yeah this ep is my way of giving something back. 9 tracks of original aj tracey music - 2015/16 style - not for the money, not for the charts, just for you, my real supporters


next text u get from me will be the ep download, so keep watch - hope u enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed making it !


love - AJ

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